How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Friend

How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Friend


How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Friend

Securing those beloved to your heart is normally a main issue. Guruji can provide you methods to do that. Safeguarding or protecting others falls in among the challenging moral area. If somebody requires great ideas or prayers about a scenario they’re definitely associated with a thumbs-up. You should do protection spells for loved ones to protect them.

Whenever you notice a close friend in tight spots and wish to assist them with the most apparent solution, then the thing to execute is to perform protection spell for a friend in favor of them and only with their consent.  This can help you to find the exact problem they are going through and which specific you need to concentrate while casting the spell. If they refused or you cannot inquire them about their vital issues and still you want to help them, then Guruji is the right person to help you; and you only need to tell him the factor that could be bothering your friend the most and Guruji can cast protection spell focusing on that particular issue.

How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Friend

How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Friend

Rather than

performing the protection spell focused on an individual in specific, Guruji can assist you to make an attempt to enhance the circumstances; keeping the method of improvement unclear good enough that the energy can produce its own choices. This can help him the most and this is an easy protection spell. Also, by doing this, the individual’s own energy will decline and the energy we are stirring in him will become active and thus helps him to get protected from all negativities around him without his knowledge. It is a tough matter and no mistakes are excused and hence, it is better to take assistance of Guruji for performing this, else you need to bear all the consequences.

Protecting A Person

Helping an individual to come of his problems is the best part of spell work. The individual can be you or your friends or any beloved ones. Casting protection spell for someone can help in such cases.  By this way, it would be helpful for them to regain the total control of what is going on in their life. It is advised to get their permission before performing this, because this can help to know their exact and the particular problem so that the most important issue can be focused while casting the spell. Take a look at some of the protection spells that can be worked with.

General And Simple Protection Spell

This is a stress free protection spell as it do not require any specific person or situation to be focused on and cover all with its good vibes. The requirements are; blue candle with a holder, rose quartz, 4 obsidians, match sticks and 1 teaspoon salt. The procedure is as follows, Place the blue candle in candle holder at the centre of your working space. Keep the rose quartz stone at the base of the candle. Place one obsidian each in every corner of an imaginary square around the candle and the stone. After that light the candle chanting as,“May those”


In some cases

the circumstance happens as a good friend or a loved one remains in so bad situation  that you have to slow it down or put the whole situation in control for him or her. Our simple protection spell for a friend can help you here. This protection spell helps you to provide the individual time or space to restore the things going on with him/her and make a strategy. Either you need the consent of the person or else you need to know the exact problems through which he is going through, in order to help him/her to come out of it.

What You Need:

Slip of paper Pen or pencil, a small freezer-safe container with cover, water, freezer

What to Do:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Then write the current scenario on the slip of paper. For instance, if your friend is having a stressful time at work place, then write something like “John’s difficult office condition.”
  3. Fold on the paper and put it in the container. Fill water over it simply enough to cover it. Cover it.
  4. Keep the container in the freezer and let the water to freeze.
  5. You can keep this simple protection spell active for 7-10 days utmost. Take out the container from the freezer and let the ice to melt when it’s the previously set time span.
  6. Center and ground. Chant as, “I release this condition. May resolution occur, to the very best possible result. Let it be so.”
  7. Pour away the water outside. Bury the damp paper somewhere in the garden.


  • You can also use a small zip-top bag instead of a container.
  • This protection spell can be utilized to freeze stress and anxiety about an approaching occasion or activity.

Ice Spell For Unblocking

This stuff is the inverse of the preceding protecting spell for a friend; this requires an ice and utilizes it as a sign for a hurdle that’s obstructing somebody. Prior to you start, imagine a brief slogan that explains the situation, like “The escape and absence of solution to John’s insurance coverage is demanded.”

What You Need:

Bowl and Ice cube

What to perform:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Keep the ice in the bowl. Hold the bowl and say loudly, “I call you, the difficult situation. Melt, melt, and unfreeze the procedures through which solution should be discovered.”
  3. As the ice melts, imagine it discharging the energies needed to get the condition approaching a solution.
  4. As soon as the ice has actually melted, say loudly, “It is done.” After that pour the water outdoor.

This protection spell can also be used to remove personal difficulties or block or one’s fear about an event that is to occur in the near future.

BFF Support Spell

When you are parted, things in the olden days connected or combined can possibly be utilized as a link in between you both. A BFF necklace can surely end up being the basis for a common protection spell, presuming both individuals included are alright where ever they are at. It’s a great method to enhance an existing deep relationship, particularly if you live in various cities and do not see each other really much. It’s a method to keep an eye on each other and support each other even if you can’t be there in individual.

This simple protection spell needs 2 individuals who are alright with being connected this way.


Photo of your friend or a belongings of his/hers 2 candles (white, blue, or gold) and holders, BFF necklace set, 2 clear quartz crystals, 2 rose quartz crystals, matches or lighter

How To Cast A Protection Spell On Someone:

  1. Keep the picture of your friend in the middle of your work area. Stick the two candles in the holders behind it. To one side, set one clear quartz and one rose quartz; put the other clear quartz and rose quartz on the other side of the picture.
  2. Center and ground.
  3. Keep your hands over the picture, necklace, and stones. Say loudly, “Be my strength, as I am yours, Let our relationship support us in case of requirement, I am there for you as you are there for me”.
  4. Let the candles to burn down.
  5. Deliver one rose quartz, one clear quartz, and one half of the pendant to your friend. Keep the others with yourself.

– In case you do not wish to put on the amulet as a necklace, connect it to your keychain, a bracelet, or your work string … you have great deals of choices! This can also be an answer for How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Necklace.

Protection Spell For Family

Family members are really a special case. Safeguarding your family is a generational motivation and also a natural reaction. The idea of your family being susceptible to imminent danger is visceral and deep, as well as the extreme worry of being not able to secure them is horrifying.Protection spells for loved ones become important for such cases.

Making use of easy protection spell so as to safeguard your family and help all the other task you carry out to maintain them healthy, secure, and pleased is an additional level of safety and security.  It is able to offer convenience for them, and also for you. Guruji can advise all the necessary procedures to perform this kind of protection spells.

Simple Protection Spell To Invoke Ancestors To Protect You And Your Family

Giving protection to the family relationship and empowering the domestic bond are essential aspects of protecting your really loved ones. One method of carrying out this is by honoring your forefathers and welcoming them to bless their descendants. Guruji can help you to perform protection spell for loved ones in order to overcome such difficult situations happening to your loved ones.


Incense, matches, white pillar candle or other jar candle

How To Do This Protection Spell:

  1. Centre and ground.
  2. Light the incense. Devote a minute or more in reflection, thinking of your forefathers.
  3. Light the pillar candle, declaring:

Respected forefathers of our hearts, of our bodies, of our spirits,

You who have actually brought us here, who lived, really loved, and had fun,

Who maintained justice, who guarded the innocent, we honor you here now.

We thank you for the lives you experienced and ask that you bless us.

Guard us as we live our lives,

And shield us from those who would do us wrong. Let it be so.

  1. Let the candlestick to burn for some time till the incense blows out. Blow out the candle light and put it in a safe spot.
  2. Once in every 2 weeks (or monthly or whatever routine schedule seems suitable), relight the candlestick and repeatthe ancestor invocation.

Family members can take their turn and chant the invocation so as to maintain the protection spell on themselves.

Protection Spell to Hold a Safe Family Space

This simple protection spell work can likewise enhance the family by improving the atmosphere wherein its members keep in touch. By trying to generate a secure area whereby to interact, you can encourage trust, nearness and security.


One stone or crystal for each family member, small glass bowl, family photo

How To Perform:

  1. Clean the stones in advance.
  2. Centre and ground.
  3. Keep it in the bowl and announce, “Our family members exists in a safe, caring, encouraging area”. If you are doing this spell with your family members, each individual holds his or her own stone and states the words as he or she puts it in the bowl.
  4. Keep the family picture on the top and say, “It is so.” Everybody can state it at the exact same time if your family members are there with you.
  5. Place the bowl in a main place where the family members gathers up most often, like the dining-room or living space.

Protection Spell to Back Up Family Communication

Among the best typical locations where all family members gets together is at the dining table. In fact, the place where food is shared is the appropriate room for discussion and scheduling to occur, and work to be done. Enabling it for transparent interaction and love is absolutely a terrific method to include a level of security to the family members’ bond. Such protection spells for relationships helps to protect the family members’ bond intact.


Blessed water, clean cloth

How To Make A Protection Spell:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Damp the clean cloth with blessed water and use this cloth to wipe all over the table and at the same time chant as,

Let this table be a place of comfort and peace.

May it serve as a space to learn, to support and to share all worries and happiness.

May the communication around it be transparent, respectful and loving and bring peace at all    times.

It is done.

You can repeat it regularly according to your necessity.

Simple Protection Spell To Enchant Kitchen Tools For Safety And Health Of The Family Members

Obviously, you really want your family members to remain happy and healthy. Other than ensuring your knives are always kept sharp-edged (which minimizes the possibility of personal injuries), security in the kitchen area is an useful form of safety to support with protection spell. This protection spell for loved ones, focuses on knives, however you can utilize it as a format for other tools also.


Kitchen Knives

What To Perform:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Take one of the knife in your hands and focus and pull energy from the ground and allos it to pass through your hand to the knife and chant loudly, “Knife, tool of my hand, cut safely and securely, cut precisely.”
  3. Repeat this with all other knives one by one.

This protection spell can also be enchanted on other utensils in your kitchenand thus protect you family members, especially ladies who are there mostly in the kitchen.

New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

In case your family members has actually had a bad year and you’re not the type of individual who thoroughly conserves the family wall calendar each year as a memorial or record, you can burn the old calendar to protect against bad moments from continuing to the brand-new year. If you do not wish to burn the calendar itself, take some time to sit with the calendar and travel through it page by page, making a note of the bad moments experienced– the vehicle repair work, the journeys to the Emergency Room, the issues and fights– and burn the paper in which you wrote all of them.


Calendar of the previous year, heat proof container, matchbox, bucket of sand or water

How To Cast This Protection Spell

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Take the calendar in your hands, concentrate and chant as, “Go away negativity! Hey all negativities and illness and torture, I command you to disappear from here and never come back again and haunt anyone of us anymore. Let it be so.”
  3. Tear off the pages of the calendar one by one and drop them in the heat proof container and flame it and allow it to spread. Based on the type of the paper of the calendar and the print on them, it may take some time to extinguish or it may spread uncontrollably, so be prepared too.
  4. Wait until all the pieces of calendar is completely turned into ashes and then put the sand or pour the water over it to extinguish it completely.

It would be easy, if you keep a notebook in the beginning of the year and write all your ill effects of the year and burn it down at the end of the year.

New Year Calendar Protection Spell

This protection spell enchants your brand-new calendar for good luck as well as to bring in beneficial energy. This is developed for being utilized on the primary family calendar, however you can likewise utilize it on your pocket plan, bullet journal, or school schedule. It is ideal to execute this on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.


New calendar, dried basil, dried rose petals, dried clover flowers, aventurine, 4 tea light candles and match box.

What To Perform:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Place the new calendar in the center of your workspace.
  3. Sprinkle the dried herbs and flowers all over the calendar and place the aventurine in the centre and light tea light candles at the four corners and make sure it is placed an inch away from each other.
  4. Light the tea lights, focus on and chant,” Let this coming year be blessed with good luck, good health, prosperity, fortune, laughter, happiness and success. Let it be so.”
  5. Let the tea light candles to burn down completely and after that sweep all the dried herbs and flowers and compost them, remove the aventurine and then hang up the calendar in the wall.

This aventurine is reusable and so you can clean and keep it safe.

Protection Spell For Children

First Day Of School Protection Spell

This was initially developed in tandem with a kid who was terrified of his first day of school. If you’re doing this for a kid, get him or her get involved with you. The kid’s input is crucial to the protection spell’s success.This can be applied to kids of all ages and for the first day of any anxiety-inducing task. The concept is to arouse energy or things that can make the kids believe that they are strong and successful.


Paper, scissors, pen/pencil/crayons/color pencil, three positive words, rune or symbol, small pouch, a coin from your birth year.

How To Do:

  1. Cut the paper into smaller sized pieces. You can cut one letter- sized sheet into 4 (4-inch × 5-inch) pieces.
  2. On one piece of paper, illustrate of a minimum of one animal that makes you feel safe and strong.
  3. On another piece of paper, compose 3 words that explain how you wish to feel at school. Words like safe, delighted, brave, wise, and strong work well for this. Let him or her choose if you’re working with a kid.
  4. Pick a sign that is connected with security and draw it on another slip of paper. Once again, if dealing with a kid, let him or her select; the sign might not be standard however might have deep significance to the kid. Captain America’s guard, Wonder Woman’s eagle sign, the Transformers sign … these are popular culture signs that can bring terrific significance for a kid. Roll with it.
  5. Fold the documents little enough to fit in the pouch or sachet. Call everything as you slip the paper into the bag. “I am safeguarded by the unicorn and the wolf. At school I am clever, brave, and strong.”
  6. Slip the coin from your birth year into the bag and close it. State, “With this bag, I am safe and strong.”
  7. When you go to the occasion or activity you’re fearing, take the bag with you in a pocket.

When the spell bag is no longer required, open it and throw away the contents with rituals and thanks.

Separation Anxiety Spell

This is a most popularly used protection spell for children and was initially created for a kid going to preschool for the first time who was scared leaving his/her moms and dads behind. If you have social stress and anxiety at any age, this is an excellent spell to utilize.

What You Need:

2 matching bracelets or pendants

What to Do:

  1. Centre and ground.
  2. Each of you hold one of the focus items in your hands if the kid is with you. If not, hold both together in your hands.
  3. State, “My love takes a trip with you today. When I see this, I think about you; when you see this, think about me. We are strong and brave, together and apart.”
  4. Wear each product around the neck (or wrist) of moms and dad and kid. (If you’re doing this spell on your own, use one and loop the other around a sign of security and convenience in the house– a teddy bear, an image of you confident and pleased, whatever works for you.).
  5. Whenever you or the kid begins to worry, put your hand around the pendant or touch the bracelet and close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths, envisioning the other pendant you are linked to. Advise yourself of how protected you feel there and draw that sensation into yourself so you are brave.

Check to make sure that the locket is allowed anywhere your kid is going. Some organizations and schools do not permit precious jewelry out of issues for security. Draw matching signs on the back of your hand and your kid’s hand. Revitalize them daily. Or utilize short-lived tattoos. These methods can make you feel that your child is protected.

Defense from Nightmares

Part of looking after a family indicates ensuring everybody gets sufficient quality sleep. Nightmares or disrupted sleep can be an issue. Citrine is a type of yellow quartz that is useful in guarding sleepers from bad dreams and relaxing physical tension. Lavender is likewise helpful for eliminating physical tension and for relaxed rest. Together, they make an excellent group for peaceful nights. This is an effective protection spell for child from bad dreams.


What You Need:

Citrine, Little white drawstring bag or square of white fabric and white yarn or ribbon, 1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

What to Do:

  1. Centre and ground.
  2. Hold the citrine in your hand and state, “Stone so intense, nightmares are eliminated by your light.” Keep it into the bag.
  3. Hold the lavender flowers in your hand and state, “Lavender, bring relaxed sleep, deep and calm.” Put them into the bag.
  4. Connect the bag closed. State, “By this attraction, sweet sleep is called.”
  5. Keep the bag under the pillow, hang it on a bedpost, or slip it under the bed.

Simple Protection Spell That Children Can Do

Children are usually highly prone to negativities because of their immature nature. Some simple protection spells can help them to be safe from such adverse activities. Guruji can advise you various steps for achieving this.

Protection Spell For Child For Fears

Sit with your kids and create a spell with them! This spell focuses on comprising a fictional buddy who secures them. It will be especially effective for them since they have control over developing their protector.

What You Need:

Paper Crayons

What to Do:

  1. Centerandground.Leadyourchildthroughthe focusing and grounding procedure.
  2. Inform your kid he’s going to create the ideal protector. Ask him what it might be able to do. Would it be high orsmall? it be loud or mild? Would it be silent or undetectable? The number of legs would it have? Would it have a tail? What would it do if it saw he was frightened? etc.
  3. Enable the kid to think of whatever he likes. He might get really into it and create numerous protectors, or he might be uneasy and not feel like creating one at all. If the latter takes place, end the spell session and attempt once again after he’s had a couple of days to think of it.
  4. Have the kid draw his protector and name it. Advise him that he can contact this protector to support him when he’s feeling worried or scared, and it will be there for him.


– If your kid currently has a fictional friend, build on that is the easy method to bring this protecting spell into action.

Spells To Rhyme When Scared

There’s something soothing about speaking in a balanced pattern, particularly when you’re stressed out. It develops a trustworthy beat to follow, and a familiar remembered poem or rhyme enables your mind to follow a set course. This is a type of word magic. This spell can be connected into the previous spell if the idea of a protective fictional buddy works for your kid. If not, it can be utilized by itself. This is magical and can bring a special kind of power in the child.

What to Do:

State the following with your kid:

One, 2, 3, Nothing damages me. 4, five, 6,

No mean techniques. 7, 8, 9, All is fine.

Count to 10, Everything’s zen.

Protection Spell From Bullying

Bullying can have a significant influence on a kid’s mind. Intimidation is a difficult force to counter, specifically when a kid might currently fret that she is on the weaker side of a power imbalance. Assist a kid enhance her sense of individual power by providing her a beauty bag to bring.

What You Need:

Obsidian Tiger’s eye Red jasper Brown jasper

Blue candle light and holder Matches or lighter

Blue bag or pouch

What to Do:.

  1. Clean the stones.
  2. Centre and ground.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Get the obsidian, stating, “Obsidian, guard versus negativeness.” Position it in the pouch.
  5. Take the tiger’s eye, stating, “Tiger’s eye, safeguard from physical damage and reinforce guts.” Put it in the pouch.
  6. Get the red jasper, stating, “Red jasper, assistance justice, prevent physical danger.” Position it in the pouch.
  7. Get the brown jasper, stating, “Brown jasper, guarantee security in this continuous difficult scenario.” Position it in the pouch.
  8. Close the pouch and state, “Let this power imbalance right itself. May the fact come out. May justice dominate.”
  9. Location the pouch in front of the candle light and permit the candle light to stress out.
  10. Provide the pouch to the individual sensation bullied.

Protecting Spells For Pets

Pets are also equivalent to family members. They also deserve protection and care from negativities for your well-being. Guruji can provide you with effective protection spells for your favorite furry friends.

Pet Collar Protection Spell

If your animal goes outdoors, a collar is a requirement. Some indoor animals use them. This spell utilizes the collar as the focus for a security spell.

What You Require:

Family pet collar

What to Do:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Hold the collar in your hands and say:

Be a guard for this animal. Keep it from damage.


Let it be so.

  1. Buckle the collar around your family pet’s neck.


– You can change the 2nd to last line with “As long as this animal lives” if you choose.

Protection Spell For Safe Return

This spell bewitches the registration and/or vaccination tags on an animal’s collar to motivate a safe return house.

What You Required:

Sheet of paper Pen or pencil

Registration and/or vaccination tags (on or of the collar).

What to Do:.

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Illustrate your home on the notepad. It can be a basic shape or overview. Ensure it’s big enough so that the tags and/or collar can fit inside the illustration. Compose your address inside it.
  3. Place or hook the tags and/or the collar on the paper inside your home. Stating,.

House, house, house, Return, return, return, Safe, safe, safe.

  1. Hang the tags on the pet’s collar or buckle the whole collar on, duplicating the words once again.


In either case, renewal time is a great pointer to revitalize the spell.

Location an image of your animal inside the illustration of your home instead of the tags/collar.

Spell To Protect Health Of Your Pet


What You Require:

Animal bowls (or water fountain, water bottle, and so on).

What to Do:.

  1. Wash and dry the bowls.
  2. Center and ground.
  3. Hold your turn over the bowls and chant:


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